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This outline on Clouds was developed to help you paint beautiful realistic Clouds full of life and color. These instructions will give you clear steps to use and examine your own work and improve on important elements of your scene.        

 Listen to this video as I help guide you into more beautiful Cloud Paintings!

In The Top Five Key Elements To Remember When Painting Skyscapes, you'll get to see my thought process of how I paint my monumental cloud scenes, but if you're impatient like me and want to go deeper in studying clouds,
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Thank you for so much great content, and for all of your friendly follow-up emails and videos. You are an amazing artist and super generous teacher.

Testimonials - Linda Glover Gooch

Sharon E  ~ Artist/Student

You are one of the All-time best instructors I've ever had. what I learned from you has changed my paintings!

student testimonial- Linda Glover Gooch

Sally S  ~ Artist/Student

I'm most active on Facebook and I'd love to connect more. Connect with me over there and let me know that you got my "Top Five Key Elements To Remember When Painting Skyscapes" see you over there 🙂

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