Benefits of Painting on Small Canvases with Linda Glover Gooch

Benefits Of Painting Small

Painting Small – Reasons you Should Okay, let's be honest here. There are many reasons to paint small, but I'm sharing my opinions why you should consider painting small. Over the
Creating drama in your paintings

Creating Drama In Your Paintings

Creating drama in your paintings isn't just about dark colors and intense scenes; it's about creating a captivating visual narrative that first draws you in. It must move an emotion
Techniques to improve your sketching

5 Techniques To Improve Your Sketching

Thumbnail Sketches or small Notans are an important part of the creative process. Create small, quick sketches to plan your composition and explore different perspectives. I'm sharing five techniques to improve
The power of using blue in your paintings.

The Power Of Blue

Blue is one of the most versatile colors in the artist's palette. For me, blue is a very big player in most of my paintings. Understanding how to effectively use blue can
Paint Light on Cliffs

Painting Light On Cliffs

It's All About The FrostingTo effectively paint light on cliffs, it's crucial to understand how light interacts with the rocky surface. Studying this in Nature is vitally important.Painting light on
How to Paint Rocks and Cliffs with Linda Glover Gooch

How To Paint Rocks And Cliffs

A Study on How To Paint Rocks And CliffsCliffs and rocks are a large part of the landscape painters journey. Whether you're painting a rugged coastline or a rocky mountain,
How to improve your paintings: tips on becoming more skillful

How To Improve Your Paintings

To Improve Your Painting Skills involves many different elements. Not just one idea or thought will show you how to improve your paintings. Developing a daily routine to practice and have
Painting Beautiful Clouds

A Key To Painting Beautiful Clouds

Let's Explore What Creates Beautiful Clouds The strength and beauty of clouds begins with understanding that we don't think white, but a key to painting beautiful clouds starts with soft subtle
Painting on an easel showing how to tone your surface

Toning Your Painting

Toning Your PaintingWhy and how it can help you build your drawingThe reason for toning your canvas or boards can have several outcomes: it depends on what your desired result is.