How to Paint Blue Skies with Linda Glover Gooch

Sky's The Limit When It Comes To BLUE SKIES!!

The focus of this blog is how to paint blue skies that typically fall behind clouds. This is the very important backdrop that influences your clouds. Painting the blue sky behind clouds is often overlooked. Let's dive deeper into this subject.

Choose the right blue: Select a rich, deep blue color for your sky. Popular choices include ultramarine blue, cobalt blue, or cerulean blue. 

Rich Blues make dynamic skies. Many students have a tendency to paint their blue skies too light or pale. Using rich color and possibly less white is a guide to follow when learning how to paint blue skies. 

Sky painting can be challenging, so don't be discouraged if your first attempts don't turn out as expected. Practice and experimentation will help you improve. 

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Tips On How To Paint Blue Skies Successfully

Practice and experimentation is the main element when it comes to learning how to paint blue skies: Don't be afraid to try new techniques and learn from your mistakes.

Start with a good quality canvas: You will find my recommendations in the supply section below.
Using the right tools: It is crucial to know your tools and how to use them for achieving a more professional look. Practice how you maneuver your brush and learn how to use them effectively. 
If clouds are present, the sky application should be less expressive brush work. Soften the sky with a fan brush as this is an important key in learning how to paint blue skies.  
Mediums: Use caution when applying your blue sky with medium. An uneven shine can become a problem in this large flat area. If I need to thin my paint I will use a touch of Gamsol, not mediums. 
Cleaning materials: Keep your brushes clean by regularly rinsing them in turpentine or a brush cleaner. Wipe off excess paint with a paper towel before switching colors to avoid muddying your sky.
Choose the right blue: Select a rich, deep blue color for your sky. I have my favorites, but try and change it up some. In other resources below you can view a video of mixing different blues to create a more dynamic sky. Variety is key! 

My Favorite Supplies and Tools

Here is a list of my favorite supplies and where you can find them. These are affiliate links, which mean I will receive a small commission. Thank YOU for your support!

The Blues Used for Skies

Tube colors and brands that I use.

Rembrandt Ultramarine Blue Deep, GET IT HERE

Holbein Cobalt Blue Pale: GET IT HERE. There are other blues on the market that are more affordable. Check out the information below in more resources!

Rembrandt Indigo Blue:  GET IT HERE

Winsor & Newton Cerulean Blue, GET IT HERE

Grumbacher Prussian Blue: GET IT HERE

M. Graham Manganese Blue: GET IT HERE

Holbein Hydrangea Blue: Unavailable, researching substitute.

Grumbacher Cadmium Red Light: this is the red I use to make my "Air" Mixture. GET IT HERE
Rembrandt Titanium White: My Favorite White. GET IT HERE

Other Colors used in resource video below:

Rembrandt Ivory Black: Get it Here

Winsor & Newton Van Dyke Brown: Get It Here

How to Mix Beautiful Blues For Your Skies

My "Air" or "Atmosphere" Colors for Clouds and Skies

Some Great Creative Resources for You!

Want more information about mixing blue skies? Watch this video for you explaining how to paint blue skies. Let's dig deeper into that fabulous color blue... Come with me and watch the video.

Linda Glover Gooch
Linda Glover Gooch

I hope you enjoyed this post. Besides being a Professional Painter, my Creative Journey has taken on a life of teaching, inspiring and helping others find their voice, grow and become skillful with their craft. Watching others gain the knowledge through practice and detailed instruction is a great reward. For the Collectors: My goal is to capture their vision, their imagination and take them to a place, a moment in time that touches their heart and soul.

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    • Angela Smith

      Thank you so much for all that you share on painting your magnificent skies. I really enjoy your videos & am learning a lot. You are an amazing teacher Linda.

      • Linda Glover Gooch

        Hi Angela! Thank you for your note and such a nice and encouraging message. I really appreciate the feedback. I love knowing that my content is helpful to people, thank you for the input! Happy Painting!!

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