How to improve your paintings: tips on becoming more skillful

  A Look At How To Improve Your Paintings

To Improve Your Painting Skills involves many different elements. Not just one idea or thought will show you how to improve your paintings. 

Developing a daily routine to practice and have an open mind about taking on new skills and experimenting with old ones will take you a long way. 

Just because you laid down your brush doesn't necessarily mean the painting is done. Re-visiting a completed painting is not breaking rules, but a way to learn more and improve. 

Let me demonstrate to you how I spiced up a painting with more color. I felt like this painting needed more work - color was my first thought. Watch this video and see how to improve your paintings with more color. 

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Steps To Help You Improve Your Paintings

Gaining confidence comes from practice. Consider putting these tips to use and watch your skill increase. 

Study the Basics: Understand the fundamentals of painting, such as color theory, composition, perspective, and lighting. A strong foundation will greatly improve your paintings.
Practice Regularly: Like any skill, painting improves with practice. Set aside regular time for painting and try different techniques to expand your skills.
Develop Your Style: While studying other artists is important, it's also essential to develop your own style or voice. Experiment with different techniques and subjects to find what resonates with you.
Experiment with Different Materials: Try using different types of paints, brushes, and surfaces to see how they affect your work. Experimenting with new materials can lead to unique and interesting effects in your paintings.
Be Patient, Persistent and Keep Learning: Art is a lifelong learning process. I call it the Creative Journey. Improvement takes time, so be patient with yourself. Keep painting regularly and don't get discouraged by setbacks.

My Favorite Supplies and Tools

Here is a list of my favorite supplies and where you can find them. These are affiliate links, which mean I will receive a small commission. Thank YOU for your support!

When it comes to the topic of how to improve your paintings, we can't overlook the obvious. The tools we use are very important. The foundation of practice cannot be overlooked. 

I'm going to remind you of where to start and that is the sketch book. This is the link to that BLOG that will give you the basic starting point. DON'T neglect the beginnings! 

You will find the marker set I use here: Markers. Make sure you get a Black Marker as well. 

If you are interested in a great drawing table, this is mine and one of my favorite places to go! See it here: Drawing Table. 

Using a proportional Scaling tool is vital. You can learn about that here and pick up a wheel here. Westcott Proportional Scale.

Values are highly important: Composition and values run side-by-side when it comes to a great painting. If you need a good value tool, check out this tool at The ValueComp tool.

I am of the opinion that good brushes are a must. If you are interested in seeing my "Cloud Brush set" you can find them here: Cloud Brush Set. To order call Wind River Arts at 972-342-4947.

What's on my Palette?

Some Great Creative Resources for You!

Learn About Broken Color

Using broken color will give your work a more professional look and an important key on how to improve your paintings. Overmixing colors is a common habit for students. Watch the video below and learn how to use broken color. 

Linda Glover Gooch
Linda Glover Gooch

I hope you enjoyed this post. Besides being a Professional Painter, my Creative Journey has taken on a life of teaching, inspiring and helping others find their voice, grow and become skillful with their craft. Watching others gain the knowledge through practice and detailed instruction is a great reward. For the Collectors: My goal is to capture their vision, their imagination and take them to a place, a moment in time that touches their heart and soul.

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