Learn how to paint canyons, rocks and cliffs

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student testimonial- Linda Glover Gooch

"You are one of the all-time best instructors I've ever had. what I learned from you has changed my paintings!"

I wanted to thank you so much for all I've learned from your videos. I'm taking a workshop this week and I was totally lost and discouraged. I decided to go back to what I learned from you and oh my gosh, it pulled me to a whole new place to where I could paint what I saw. I hope you never stop teaching and doing videos. You are one of the all-time best instructors I've ever had. What I learned from you has changed my paintings!

Sally Sullivan McDermott


Here's my advice To you...

Want to learn more, Grow and become a better painter?  

The key to becoming better at something is obvious to us all, It's practice. But, I realize students struggle with this due to the fact, they don't know where to start. That's where I come in. In my online courses it's not just about (that) one course, it's about a journey of accessing all the information I've specifically laid out in your course and using it over and over again with your own images. Being able to reach out to me for help no matter how many times you've gone through your course is what makes these courses so valuable. This is serious mentorship.  My passion is helping others reach their goals as painters. Join me on this journey, let's paint the Grand Canyon!