Getting you inspired to paint

The Age Old Problem For Creatives

You are back in the studio or place of creating and you finally have found some "creating time" yet, you are stuck. You are thinking, How can I get myself inspired?

You just received some new brushes and supplies, you're excited... yet you have found yourself stalled out. You just signed up for a new course and can't wait to get started as you sit staring at the device. Does any of this sound familiar?

I've received countless emails from students who are struggling with this topic. I have painter friends who discuss this topic - how to get yourself inspired to create.  Well my Friend, welcome to my blog! This is exactly what my blog is about, a place to come and be inspired and help you get yourself inspired to create!  

Starting right now with this introduction post: HOW TO GET INSPIRED TO CREATE I'm sharing a video that I hope will inspire you. Honestly, it helps me to watch some of my past videos of creating a project. Does that sound strange? Oddly enough, I do get inspired to work when looking back at my own projects. This is a commission I did for special Arizona collectors. 

Today I'm sharing the process of creating the study for this Arizona Monsoon scene. I hope you enjoy this video and it makes you want to paint! My goal... Getting You INSPIRED to create.  

Also, continue to read on. I've got some ideas to help you get unstuck and into the creating mode. 

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Getting You Inspired To Create

First off, if you don't know me or this is your first time visiting my blog, I am Linda Glover Gooch, and I have been a painter/artist since the young age of 13. Thankfully on my 13th Christmas, my mother bought my first set of oils and placed me in private oil painting lessons every Saturday. 

From that gift a lifelong journey of creating art began. I’ve been teaching for many years, but 2020 caused me to pivot to online teaching. I began with “Teaching Tuesday” emails in which I send out bi-weekly emails filled with painting tips and encouraging notes - an attempt to inspire people to create. 

You can join the "Teaching Tuesday" emails by clicking the yellow button above.  This blog is an extension of Teaching Tuesdays with more encouragement and inspiration. At least that is my hope… to encourage you along your creative journey. But I know life happens, as we work to put a vision from inside of us onto paper or canvas. 

Here is what you can expect from my blogs. 

Encouraging posts with helpful painting tips.
The Ups and Downs of being an Artist - life happens.
Sharing some of the struggles of creating and getting through it.
When you feel like your faith is washed away in the turpentine jar and what to do next
How to paint…. ______. You fill in the blank! Clouds and sunsets will be a main subject.
Getting You Inspired to Create!

This blog is here to inspire you and help you on your creative journey. That's what this is, a journey, and we need others to travel with. 

What to do when you don't feel inspired

When I say I know how you feel, believe me I do. There are days when it seems like picking up the paint brush is the last thing I want to do. Inspiration is just not there but I know I should paint. I find myself trying to think of everything else to do beside create, and this is when I know that I have to push myself. 

These are the steps I will take when inspiration is lacking. 

1: Tell MYSELF to "get up and move". I actually say this to myself out loud, "Movement will create something." Force yourself! 

2: Going to the drawing board and just start sketching. Letting go of any expectations and try to enjoy. Get the sketch book out. "Movement will create."

3: Watch videos of art being created, like the one I shared with you above, or get out your favorite art book and browse. Just seeing others' work does help. My art library is quite extensive and I rotate books constantly. I've listed three below that I love to browse through just to get inspired. 

Three Books to Inspire Creativity

1: "Capturing The Moment In Oils" by David Curtis and Robin Capon

2: "Painting the Beauty of Flowers with Oils" By Patricia Moran

3: "In Natural Light: Paintings by Valoy Eaton"  

I believe browsing your favorite book will help you get inspired to create! Don't pressure yourself to read and study, but just enjoy the visual aspects. 

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Some Great Creative Resources To Get You Inspired!

If you'd like to see more videos meant to inspire you and also teach you, I've added the links below. Don't forget to Join the Creative Journey by clicking the yellow button above. Enjoy the videos and remember when inspiration is lacking, tell yourself to move. "Movement will Create Something". It will be worth it in the end. 

Alright my Friend... stay at the easel and be encouraged and INSPIRED!

Linda Glover Gooch
Linda Glover Gooch

I hope you enjoyed this post. Besides being a Professional Painter, my Creative Journey has taken on a life of teaching, inspiring and helping others find their voice, grow and become skillful with their craft. Watching others gain the knowledge through practice and detailed instruction is a great reward. For the Collectors: My goal is to capture their vision, their imagination and take them to a place, a moment in time that touches their heart and soul.

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