Looking to grow and create better Paintings?

I have a few different ways to help you on this Creative journey...

Your Creative Journey is just that... a Journey! Not a sprint or 100 yard dash, but a life long trip for you to enjoy and grow. I'm here to travel with you, sharing with you the pathway to success, becoming more skillful with your craft. 


Follow me on Instagram where my post are loaded with paintings from the Grand Canyon to clouds...skies and inspiring Sunsets.


Join me on YouTube where you will find endless videos to learn and be inspired by. Just for you to help that creative spirit in you!


Facebook is the place where I hold my live events. From Summer Sketch Give-a-ways to tips and tools for painting. Come on aboard and join me!


For question or support of any kind, reach out to me via email. I'm here to help you on your Creative Journey!


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Get my Free download explaining my palette

Ever been curious about what colors are on someone's palette? Well... I'm here to share with you in full detail all the colors I use. Watch a video and get a free downloadable detailed list. HOW COLORFUL IS THAT??

Linda Glover 


Thank you for stopping by my website and blog, it's so good to have you. Stay connected and let's Create!

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