The Importance of Creating Color Harmony in Your Paintings

Learning how to create color harmony in your paintings is a necessity for all artists. Color harmony in paintings refers to the pleasing arrangement of colors that work well together, creating a balanced and visually appealing composition. 

You can use color harmony to evoke certain emotions, convey specific moods, and enhance the overall impact of your work. 

I spent years creating paintings that didn't hold together, and looked very amateurish in which most of the time I was disappointed with the end results. As a young painter I would hear the term "mother color" which is a method of adding one particular color to each of your mixes. 

I don't really take it that far, however I do use my "Air" or "Atmosphere" color to help create color harmony in my paintings. By getting my mind set, thinking about how the air affects my scene and what color represents the air helps me to use this mixture wisely. 

By placing it in specific areas this helps create color harmony. Review the painting below showing you where I brought the dark cloud mixture (the "air" mixture) into the foreground to create color harmony. 

Creating Color Harmony in your paintings

A diagram showing you where I used "air" mixture to create color harmony

Take a look at this painting and examine the way I created harmony in this scene. 

The dark shadow mix was used for the far distant mountain.
The distance mid-foreground.
Tucked in the bushes.
Along the pathway next to the edges.
A few spots in the closest blooms

Want to watch the full video of how to mix the "Air" or "Atmosphere" color? 

Get it now below!!

Watch this lesson on How to Create Color Harmony in your paintings

Below I'm sharing a video from a workshop showing how to create the color harmony in your paintings. I think this will be a valuable lesson for you to watch!

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Enjoy the videos and remember... Stay at the easel! 

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Linda Glover Gooch
Linda Glover Gooch

I hope you enjoyed this post. Besides being a Professional Painter, my Creative Journey has taken on a life of teaching, inspiring and helping others find their voice, grow and become skillful with their craft. Watching others gain the knowledge through practice and detailed instruction is a great reward. For the Collectors: My goal is to capture their vision, their imagination and take them to a place, a moment in time that touches their heart and soul.

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