A Look at How to Approach
Painting Canyons

Tips to Help Simplify Painting Canyons and Rock Walls

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 Highlights From This Webinar

My step-by-step instructions of Applying a light wash first then and wiping away to form shapes and drawing. 
The unique method you can use to design with a dark mixture thinking abstract shapes, simplify the composition with “less is more” mindset.
Add fat thick lights and medium tones to build onto the darks and create beautiful design. 

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Testimonials - Linda Glover Gooch

Sharon Egan

Hi Linda! I LOVE your teaching with So many great a-ah moments. Thank you for so much great content. You are an amazing artist and super generous teacher.

student testimonial- Linda Glover Gooch

Sally Sullivan McDermott

 I wanted to thank you so much for all I've learned from your videos.  I hope you never stop teaching and doing videos. You are one of the all-time best instructors I've ever had. What I learned from you has changed my paintings!

Lorraine Smith

I've learned a lot from you Linda.  Thank you for your effort in bringing this lessons to us in an understandable and workable way. It is appreciated.

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Linda Glover Gooch 



My Name Is Linda Glover Gooch

My passion is helping others reach their goals as Painters. Being an Art teacher for over forty years I've come to realize just what painters need and want. With my detailed instructions, students begin to find their own voice and become better skilled at their craft. Helping them enjoy the journey is a big part of what I share.

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