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Hi there

My name is Linda Glover Gooch

For Artist: My passion is helping others reach their goals as Painters. Being an Art teacher for over forty years I've come to realize just what painters need and want. With my detailed instructions, students begin to find their own voice and become better skilled at their craft. Helping them enjoy the journey is a big part of what I share.

For Collectors: Creating one of a kind masterpieces for their home, while bringing life and color to their walls. Whether it is a beautiful Monsoon thunderstorm or majestic Canyon scene, my goal is to hear what they want and create their vision in paint. 

My most favorite free guide "skyscapes" 

The most popular outline, Top Five Key Elements To Remember when Painting A Skyscape. Designed to help you paint clouds with life and color!

Cloud Freebie - Linda Glover Gooch

From my blog

Painting A Panoramic Cloud Painting

Come explore thoughts and Ideas on painting a Panoramic Cloud painting

Want to find out more about the journey involved in painting panoramic cloud paintings? Learn how to prepare yourself and get on the path to success. 

How To Mix The Color Of Air Or Atmosphere

Watch a video and learn How to mix the color of Air and Atmosphere

This Air Mixture will bring a whole new look to your clouds and atmospheric scenes. Come watch the video and learn. 

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Come and enjoy the journey on You Tube. So many video to help you learn!

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my online Courses

My Courses are for you if:

You've have always wanted to become a more skillful painter with a more finished look
You want to add distance and atmosphere to your scenes
You want to gain more skill in color mixing
You want to learn how to simplify shapes
You want drama and color harmony in your work

My Courses are NOT for you if:

You are not willing to commit and put in the time and effort to practice and learn
You are not interested in Landscape painting
You have no supplies to paint with, unless you just want to watch someone paint

Free Resources I have for you

Sunset Outline - home page Linda Glover Gooch

Put drama into your sunsets with this outline guiding you through 

Mixing Air Color - Home Page Linda Glover Gooch

Learn how to make this air mixture to bring color harmony into your work

Plein Air Freebie home page Linda Glover Gooch

Beautiful color mixtures to give atmosphere to your plein air paintings

Hi Linda, I'm watching the whole video through before painting, and I've just finished watching blocking in the large shadow mass. First, all I can say is wow! This class is so well organized! I really like your teaching Method.

D. ross

Artist/ Student

I can't thank you enough for sharing your love of teaching AND painting with the world. I have been painting for less than two years and your class has taught me so much!



The things I love to Create

Majestic Grand Canyon Scenes in oils
Resources to Help students
Collectors personal vision
Detailed online Courses
Inspiring videos
Monumental Clouds Paintings in Oils
Creative products produced from my art
Happy and growing students
Zoom Classes 
special events

I started creating art at a very young age. Painting is not what I do, but who I am. It's a part of my soul, my heart and I am blessed to share it with Collectors, students and art lovers. 

Home page - Linda Glover Gooch

Linda Glover 


Thank you for stopping by my website and blog, it's so good to have you. Stay connected and let's Create!

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